On the Road

The armor is a little tricky to get on (so many straps and buckles!), but you manage. And there's nothing tricky about the sword! Soon that dragon will regret the day it was born.

It's a fine sunny day as you stride down the road toward the hills, your sword swinging at your side. The townspeople stare at you in awe as you go by. Little do they know -- soon you'll be rich enough to buy the whole town! HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE!

Um. You walk along for hours, munching on a big wedge of cheese -- a little bonus the storeowner threw in to sweeten the deal. What's this? A fork in the road! Hmmm. No one at the village said anything about that. Let's see...left or right?

 Left Fork  Right Fork

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Copyright 1995 by Peter Maranci. Revised October 12, 2000.