1. Dragon Armor. See RQIII Glorantha book.
  2. Dragon Claw. See RQIII Glorantha book.
  3. Dragon Strength. See RQIII Glorantha book.
  4. Firebreath. See RQIII Glorantha book.
  5. Growth. See RQIII Glorantha book.
  6. Sprout Wings. See RQIII Glorantha book.
  7. Alertness. Stay awake/alert for 1MP/hour cost. Each MP expended increases all Perception abilities by 5%.
  8. Dragon Dread. The dragonewt's eyes seem to glow and whirl. Costs 4MP/rd. While in effect, warrior gains ability to cause Befuddle effect at a glance. Can gaze at one victim + attack & defend, or can replace either action with additional gaze (up to 3 per round). A POW vs. POW roll is required.
  9. Dragon Roar. A deafening, terrifying sound, causing a Demoralize effect in all with the area of a sphere centered on the dragonewt with a radius equal in meters to the number of MPs spent by the dragonewt. A 5 MP Roar would cause all within 5 meters of the dragonewt to resist a POW vs. POW attack or be Demoralized for 20 - INT minutes. The minimum duration is 1 round.
  10. Dragon Tail. At will, the dragonewt's tail becomes 2x larger. The Tail hit points are doubled, and the dragonewt gains a sweep attack vs. rear foes at a 10% base plus attack bonus. The strike rank is 0 + DEX to strike the first attacker, 1 + DEX for the second, etc.. Damage is 1D6 + Damage bonus. This attack is in addition to normal front attack and parry, but the dragonewt's Dodge is halved for duration of effect. Skill may be gained in Tail attack as per normal.
  11. Sharing Dream. The dragonewt performs a bizzare one-hour ritual upon another individual. On completion, the dragonewt must overcome the targets' MP with his own -- the target cannot choose to fail resistance. If the dragonewt is successful, both immediately enter a deep coma. In that time, one-half of all damage received by the target will be transferred to the dragonewt. Armor does not protect against this damage, but the Dragon Armor effect may be used by the dragonewt on himself. The coma lasts for as many hours as points of damage are transferred. Violent stimulation (damage) may awaken either party before the effect is complete, in which case the dragonewt takes damage equal to the damage of the target, without curing the target at all.
  12. Forced Rapport. The dragonewt touches a spell-afflicted object or person and expends as many MP as it wishes. A POW vs. POW roll is made against the MP in that spell; If successful, the spell is negated. In the case of failure, the dragonewt is affected by the spell himself -- probably in some adverse way (GM's choice).
  13. Dragon Heart. For as long as desired, the dragonewt's CON is 1.5 x original.
  14. Swallow. The dragonewt may swallow any object up to 1/2 his own SIZ, without taking damage. This includes living things, sharp objects, etc.. The material may be disgorged later. A living thing will continue to breathe, but extra food must be Swallowed for its consumption. If the dragonewt is killed, any living creature inside will suffer drowning effects as per World Book until released (cut out).
  15. Destruction. This effect destroys enchantments. The dragonewt sacrifices a number of Power points. The enchantment then makes a resistance roll, using the points used in its creation vs. the point sacrificed by the dragonewt. If it fails the enchantment is destroyed. If it succeeds, the enchantment survives and the dragonewt suffers a Backfire effect from the Sorcery table.

    Note: overuse of this effect can cause dragonewt de-evolution, in which the dragonewt is reincarnated at the next lowest stage.

  16. Dragon Sleep. By paying a cost of 1MP/hour/day/season, the dragonewt may suspend its animation. During this time, it need not eat nor breathe, and indeed cannot. It can endure any temperature or condition that does not destroy its body.
  17. Death. The dragonewt dies at will, and may be reborn normally.
  18. Dragon Jaws. Gain Bite attack, damage 1D10 + 1 + Damage bonus. Base attack chance = 20%. The SR is 2. May be increased by experience and training (from who?).
  19. Dragon's Mark. By expending a permanent point of POW, the dragonewt may place an invisible mark that will enable it to locate the object desired, even after it has died and been reincarnated. The object marked may be a person, spirit, place, or thing. If the dragonewt is able to touch and freely handle the object/person/item in question for its POW in minutes, it will be able to locate the object to within 1 - 100 meters. Every minute or fraction thereof less which the dragonewt spends increases uncertainty by a further 1 - 20 meters. If the dragonewt cannot touch the item, but can see it, it may mark it nonetheless. In this case, however, the accuracy drops to 1 - 1000 meters. If the dragonewt is marking its own skin, it is automatically successful at the 1 - 100 range. No extra time need be spent. Within the range of uncertainty, the dragonewt can only sense that the item is within range.

    Note: overuse of this effect can cause dragonewt de-evolution, in which the dragonewt is reincarnated at the next lowest stage.

  20. Elemental Shield. When invoked, all elementals must overcome the dragonewts' POW to attack it in any way. The dragonewt may also survive in hostile environments by spending 1 MP per 10 points of damage it would normally take.

  21. GAINING A NEW EFFECT: Upon first attaining Warrior status, a dragonewt possesses 1D3 effects. Upon the successful use of an effect in a stress situation (or if it has behaved in a particularly draconic fashion, at the GM's discretion), the player may attempt to roll percentiles equal to or beneath the dragonewt's POW. If the rolled number is lower, it gains a randomly rolled Effect. This Effect is permanent; it may be used over and over again. In the case of duplication, there may be no increase, a reroll, or an increase in the effectiveness of the Effect in question, at the GM's whim. If the number rolled by the dragonewt is equal to its POW, it may experience a conversation with a True Dragon, summon a Dream Dragon, or experience some other bizarre manifestation.


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