Hi! Welcome to the 24th year of Pete's RuneQuest & Roleplaying! This must be one of the oldest still-maintained RPG sites on the web. A lot of material has accumulated over the years. You'll find adventures, art, NPCs, and tons of other stuff here. A lot of it was created for the RuneQuest system, but almost all of it can easily be used with any fantasy system or setting.

New: The site has been overdue for a complete redesign for a long time. I've re-done this front page as a start; I'll try to do more. Also, a new installation of Chatter. Review and links for the Diablo 1 HD Mod (Belzebub).

Roleplaying Adventures & HeroQuests Scenarios - 12 scenarios, ranging from large to small.

Generic & RQ Alternate & Add-On Rules Rules & Articles - RQ Homebrew, Game Design, and Articles

The Chaos Project: Magic Items, Found Items, & Chaos Features. Add yours! The Chaos Project - Large lists of random found items, blessings, curses, mutations, magic items, and character advantages and disadvantages.

RQ3, RQ2, & CoC Character Sheets, a RQ Help Sheet, more Character & Help Sheets - a variety of blank and editable character sheets for various versions of RuneQuest and related systems.

NPCs, Locations, Strange Items People, Places & Things - NPCs, locations, and objects.

Rune Art & the RQ Font Art (For Art's Sake) - icons, runes, and the RQ font.

Random Thoughts From A Random Brain Chatter - 20 years (and counting) of blogging about roleplaying and other stuff.

Issues of my old zine, resurrected from paper Game Zines - 49 RPG zines.

Battle Evil Online! Or get munched... Peasant's Progress Online - a very basic web-based game.

Nothing to see here Campaign Blog: The Cave of Worlds

Game & Other Recommended Links Useful Links - some RQ-related, others not.

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