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Test your RuneQuest Lore skill! These quizzes cover several editions of RQ, several RQ supplements, your knowledge of the rules, and other Basic Role-Playing-derived game knowledge. Are you a Lay Member, or a RuneMaster? Top scorers are listed online - more quizzes to come!

NOTE: None of these are likely to work any more. Emails to the web service that provides them, Alxnet, are returned with a fatal error. I'm open to suggestions for replacements!

RuneQuest Quiz #1 RuneQuest Quiz #2

RuneQuest Polls:

Main Page

Roleplaying Adventures & HeroQuests

Generic & RQ Alternate & Add-On Rules

The Chaos Project: Magic Items, Found Items, & Chaos Features. Add yours!
Chaos Project

RQ3, RQ2, & CoC Character Sheets, a RQ Help Sheet, more
Character Sheets

NPC People, places, & Things
NPCs & More

Rune Art & the RQ Font

Random Thoughts From A Random Brain

Issues of my old zine, resurrected from paper

Battle Evil Online! Or get munched
Peasant's Progress

Game & Other Recommended Links

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