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If you enjoy the site (and I hope you do; that's why I write it, after all), there are several places on the web that you can vote for it. This doesn't make me any money or anything; as you may have noticed, I'm steadfastly opposed to commercialism on the web. Although honesty requires me to admit that there probably isn't any way to make any money off of RuneQuest anyway.

So pretty much the only reason to vote for the site is if you think other gamers will like it or find it useful. Well, I'll admit that it does boost my spirits to see the site ranked high. Anyway, here are some places to vote. If you know of some others that would be appropriate, please let me know!

The site was recently added to those eligible for the RPG Gateway Top 100 RPG Sites. You can vote (to my amazement) once every six hours! There are no rankings, as such - clicking on the link takes to you a place where you can simply place a "yes" vote, basically. If the site gets in the top ten, the banner below will be shown. Incidentally, if you can come up with a better banner, please let me know! Oh, a quick word of warning: this site (like the Fantasy Top 25, which seems to be associated with it) features pop-ups. Not an insane pop-up attack, but annoying, as all pop-ups are.

RPG Host Top 25 Fantasy Sites is visually identical with the Gateway Top 100 above, but it seems to be a different list. Again, you can apparently vote once every six hours. But who has that kind of time?
The Die-Roller's Top 50 at the RPG Gateway sucks. Ah, it feels good to say that! Over the past several months they have been completely unresponsive, and those moderators who have been active seem to be spending their time insulting anyone who makes a comment about the situationthat and deleting the threads which discuss problems with the site, but are honestly not all that nasty. I've been down this road before and it never ends up in a good place. The vote link from my main page has been removed, since in my book these people don't deserve any additional publicity from me. On the other hand, I still get a few readers from there every week, and it would piss me off to be listed there but not in the top 50 (I'm a complicated guy ). So if you feel like a quick vote, please vote a "5"—anything else will bring the site's ranking down—and come right back here!
The RPG Library seems to be a fairly new site, and I've put a quick-vote link on the main page. You can vote from 1 (worst) to 10 (best). It says you can only vote once, which I assume means once in your lifetime.
Pen & Paper is an interesting site that supports, you guessed it, pen and paper roleplaying. A nice idea. They ask that you only vote for a site once. Pete's RQ & RPG! is the only RuneQuest-related site on there at the moment—they started the category for it. I have the strong impression that this is a pretty new site, but the design is nice and clean and their attitude seems very good—it seems like a real roleplayer's site to me. Voting goes from 1 to 10, and I assume that 10's the highest. They allow comments to be made, but there aren't any as of today.
GameScanner frankly confuses me. It's one of those sites that seems to make no distinction between computer "RPGs" and tabletop games. It's quite glitzy, and seems directly aimed at computer games—they didn't even have a category for traditional non-computer FRP. Yet many of the bigger RPG sites have gotten themselves listed there and ask for votes. The peer pressure got to me, but at least I upheld the honor of tabletop RPGs and made them start a new category: Tabletop RPGs. Pete's RQ & RPG! is the only entry in it. Voting is from 1 to 10, and again I assume 10 is best. This site also takes comments.

That's about it! used to have voting for sites, but as far as I can tell they don't any more. There's a site out there (I forget which) which has a bunch of stuff that I've written which they've copied and put into their format on their site, but even though you can vote for it I'm not that motivated to deal with it. I'm not sure why they didn't just link to here, to tell you the truth.

If you did any voting, many thanks!


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