This is William's Web Page, home of William Antranig Maranci.

William's band, Plyers In Face, has a new album: Keg Killers. Now available for download here!

  1. Anybody, can you hear me

  2. I'm turning 8

  3. I dropped my pick in my beer

  4. Guilty of rock

  5. Blacking out

Here are some of William's favorite places online:

Liberty's Kids

William likes to play:

Bonk's Adventure!
Super Mario 64

Some fun online games!

Yahooligans! Games
theKidzpage Bowling
Other games at theKidzpage
KidsDomain Online Games
FunBrain.com Games
PBS Kids
Perplexing Puzzles

Stories online. We'll add more of these when we find them.

The Children's
Digital Library


Sites for kids about birds:

A Children's Guide to Birdwatching
North American Bird Sounds

William likes Lunchables, or at least their web site!

He's recovered from the appendectomy, but here's some information about appendicitis for kids.

Some of William's family are here.

Email William!

Who was Antranig?

William's web-helper (Uncle Peter)
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